Trucks in Mines

Mines are one of the most common places where a person can see a tipper truck in action. South Africa has a massive mining sector, in fact it is so big that it provides thousands of people with jobs and allows the country to export certain raw materials for the benefit of the country.

Gold mining was one of the biggest types mining in South Africa initially and a big problem the mines had was to remove rubble that contained no gold from the mining site. The companies then invested in tipper trucks, some of them actually only hire these trucks but either way they are used to transport the unwanted landfill away from the site where they are trying to find gold.

Tipper trucks use a simple concept, they get filled up with a material, usually sand and can transport the material from one point to the other. In large mining sites of big distances these trucks will transport a load of material from one point of the site where the digging is done to another point of the mine where the sorting is done. This one tipper trucks help assist mines in a big way to efficiently extract high quality resources from the earth.